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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Resolutions don’t work because if we could do them without help they would not be resolutions.

As we face the New Year and most of us want to change for the better, the one thing most difficult to tackle for most people is change itself. It is much easier for most of us to learn a new skill or take a course that promises new and greater results. We are all drowning in a sea of information, it is much easier to seek out new information rather than apply what we already know. Daniel Webster once said, "It is much better to read one book 10 times than to read 10 books."

Then we have to tackle our negative way of thinking, by changing our attitudes about something and looking at most ideas with a positive outlook, we can actually move forward to the last and most important principle of change. Behavioral change is the toughest because now we actually have to do something about it. And for us to be successful we need to seek out a support system and some form of accountability that will in a loving way guide us to our goals.

So let the New Year in with joy and make it the year where you can succeed and reclaim your health. So as we have seen massive changes in our finances, realize you come into this world with nothing and you leave with nothing. Your health is one of the few remaining things you do have control over, so exercise your control.

Live with vigor.



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