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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Some tips to have some balance in your life.


1. Avoid Trans-fatty acids and partly hydrogenated fats.
They increase the shelf life of food products but decrease your life quality.

2. Consume omega-3 rich foods every day.
Only three grams a day may reduce your risk of sudden cardiac death by as much as 50-80%, lower your triglycerides, reduce inflammation and may help prevent cancer.

3. Lower your intake of sugars and refined carbs.
The obvious result is lower insulin levels and therefore less chance of diabetes, but remember cancer cells have 6-10 times the number of insulin receptor molecules so insulin to cancer is like pouring gas on a fire.
Also sugar forms with protein to form glycation which over time will affect soft tissues and collagen this will contribute to joint problems and also creates a precancerous state.

4. Sleep eight hours a night.
Men get one big HGH pulse daily, during the first phases of slow-wave sleep (a few hours into your sleep cycle). Avoid caffeine after lunch, and don’t eat, exercise, or drink alcohol within two hours of your bedtime.

5. Eat a total of 5 to six small meals a day.
Energy flux drives your metabolism, if you combine increased feeding with increased movement you increase your "energy flux," and this is the key to maintaining a fast muscle friendly fat starving metabolism.(include some protein in every meal).

6. Do three 20 minute high intensity workouts a week.
We can burn more calories than normal up to 38 hours after a weight workout.
Good example, squat, lunge jumps, chest press or pushups, and bent single arm rows.

7. Eat most energy dense foods in the am (carbs} nutrient dense foods later in the day.

8. Reserve your cravings for sugary foods for right after your workout, you have a 90 minute glycogen window.

9. Take supplements to increase free radical scavenging and prevent inflammation.

10. You can make new cells better than the old ones.


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