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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Spring is here, and we realize those resolutions we made are slowly fading away.

Let me tell you it is almost impossible to do it on your own, in the past we exercised because we had to, our very lives depended on it. Now our lives don’t depend on movement, so we don’t and all these systems in the body start to shut down!

It is exactly the same as what is now happening to the banking and financial sectors. Resource allocation occurs, if some branches are inefficient and not profitable, the home office will shut it down!!!

Well that is exactly what the body is doing when you are vegging out in front of the TV eating Doritos by the hand full. Your body starts to shut these systems down and you go catabolic, as to breaking down tissue rather than anabolic, which means you are building tissue. So now your whole metabolism starts that downward spiral.

Well get moving and start living. If you need more motivation find a local trainer in your area that is qualified and you feel comfortable with and then create some accountability.

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Live younger longer.


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