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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Everywhere we turn these days there is doom and gloom both in the media and all around us.


Most of us know of someone affected by the crash in the housing market, and the stock markets. It is easy to slip into a negative way of thinking, so you ask yourself how do we turn this around?

New studies show that antidepressant medications don’t work, exercise and particularly resistance training workouts or strength training, is far superior in curbing anxiety and depression than either low intensity training or being a couch potato.

Besides with all your savings gone what better investment is there than investing in your health.

I am now 65 and plan to work until I am at least 90.

So get moving and set some goals, then find a support system to which you can be accountable.

Plan ahead and before you know it, you will be making newer cells that are better than the old ones.

How is that for staying younger, longer?

Live long and strong.



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