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Written by Karel Nunnink   

We’ve experienced a harsh economy, the worst since the great depression.


We’ve suffered a double blow to our sense of well- being, we feel less secure, and more vulnerable in our persons as well as our pocketbooks. We really need a boost to our morale.

Here are a few ways training can relieve stress and make us feel better about the world around us: A number of studies show that exercise and fitness reduce the intensity of the stress response, they reduce the increases in blood pressure and heart rate associated with stress. They also shorten the time it takes a person to recover from stress. Weight training, by its very nature, involves stress and recovery. This conditions your body to handle stress, and probably more than any other type of exercise, weight training produces a strong lean good looking body and that is a sure fire way to enhance self esteem.

Remember it isn’t the stressfulness of the situation that’s important, but our perception of that stress. We emotionally deem perception to be reality, and people who feel good about themselves, as a result of weight training, are inclined to perceive negative factors as less stress full than people with a poor self-image.


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