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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Things you need to know all in one place.



is needed to allow sugar from your bloodstream to pass into your cells to be utilized for energy through the crebs cycle.

Think of it as the doorman at your favorite nightclub; can't get in unless he opens the door for you. Well turns out this guy works better in the morning, and later in the day gets tired and falls asleep at the door.

This is why insulin works better in the AM and as the day goes on it loses it's ability to do it's job effectively.

Now sugar has to stay in the blood stream causing a host of health problems including Diabetis arthritis, Circulatory problems and cancer.

So if you really want to effect weightloss eat most carbs in the AM. Then switch to nutrient dense foods free of pesticides. Pay a few more dollars for organic veggies, it is worth not ending up with dementia or alzymers.

Remember most pesticides are neurotoxins.

Choose to live healthy.


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