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Written by Karel Nunnink   

They found that the big breakfast subjects were able to trough-out the day eat progressively smaller meals with less carbs.

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Eating carbo rich foods later in the day causes 2 major factors.

1. Insulin receptors become less efficient later in the day and evening, Resulting in higher circulating levels of blood sugar which could lead to a host of different problems.

2. High levels of blood sugar late in the day will shutdown any Growth Hormone available therefore decreasing your ability to recover from stress.

So eating a big breakfast seems to cause a change in the hormonal messaging system alowing coalories to be utilized for energy rather than stored.

The subjects were tested against a group of individuals on a low carb diet plan. Both groups lost equal weight at the 4 month mark, however after 8 months the low carb dieters actually regained their weight back. The big breakfast group lost an additional 16.5 lb. So say good morning to a feast and chances are there is a leaner you on the horizon.

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