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Written by Karel Nunnink   


22000 registered diets, each proclaiming their path to everlasting health, are you confused enough?

Let me try to simplify things and present some clear truths about what will work and why.

First rule, weight loss is a hormonal event predicated on the hormone insulin.

this means that for the majority of us, unless you are on certain medications and have thyroid issues, your blood sugar levels will decide whether you will lose weight or gain it.

What elevates blood sugar and to what extent, differs among individuals.

50-60% are carbohydrate sensitive, 20-30% are fat sensitive, and the rest unfortunate few are both.

This is according to researchers at Stanford University, and Massachusetts based company Interleukin, where you can take a test to show where your sensitivity lies.

That's why all these low carb diets are so successful, they work with up to 60% of the population.

Blood type may show a way toward gene expression of low carbs or fats, I know that as a type A+ blood type I have a somewhat carbohydrate sensitivity, or just refer back to your ancestry and see if they came from a colder moderate or tropical climate.

Now realize the system is stacked against you!! Sick care is enormously profitable, health care is not, but there are changes on the horizon as more realize that over 2 trillion annually spent on health care is unmaintainable, an increase of over 10 times of the 200 billion + spent in 1980.

that is why the addictive power of most processed and fast foods equal that of hard drugs like cocaine and heroin, it is no accident that things like high fructose corn syrup and aspartame ,( a common sugar substitute), destroy or overpower the parts of our brains that have to do with hunger control.

Read labels and avoid MSG in all its forms and disguises,( download my chart, available on the site).

Avoid inflammatory and genetically Modified oils and foods, such as corn, canola and soy as up to 90% of these are genetically modified. I only use organic extra virgin olive oil (the Costco Kirkland brand is a good choice), or organic coconut oil, some organic canola and hemp oil.

Modify wheat consumption as wheat grown today is far different than the wheat even our parents consumed.

Buy or purchase foods in their natural state, and unfortunately that often means Organic, or if you are fortunate enough to live in a rural setting find a local farmer that raises foods with little or no use of pesticides and or hormones and antibiotics.

The costs and requirements to be officially termed organic keeps growing along with the paperwork and permits in our ever growing bureaucracy, so many farmers are organic and value their stewardship of the land yet are not "officially" labeled as such.

Avoid endocrine disrupters, like most pesticides, meat and dairy products contain hormones which mimic estrogen, along with a large variety of chemical compounds known as xenoestrogens, found in plastics,cleaning products, shower curtains, carpet fibers, clothing dyes,and a large variety of beauty products soaps and shampoos and drinking water.

This may be one of the reasons testosterone levels World wide have been plummeting along with sperm counts.

We are all eating ourselves into an inflammatory state, read labels and avoid foods with inflammatory oils in them like corn, canola, sunflower and soybean, these are high in Omega 6 or GMO.

Use this system to make better choices, all it takes is looking at the numbers on the bottom of most fruits and Veggy labels.

A four digit number means it's a conventional grown food.

A five digit number beginning with 8 means it is genetically modified.

A five digit number beginning with 9 means it's organic.

I hope this sheds some light on the complexities of weight- loss, and the variance of factors involved, and I haven't even talked about exercise and its influence.

There are several articles on the website addressing that topic, and how they effect your ability to shed body fat.


The cardio myth.

Circuit training and fat loss.

Fast twitch fibers reduce fat.

Diabetes proof your body.

Exercise and fat loss.

The pizza equation.

These are but a few of the articles addressing this issue, I have spent hours and months gathering the information to help you choose better options, there are now well over a hundred articles covering a host of health topics, but the information is useless unless applied by you.

Remember that change itself is the biggest obstacle, and without a loving support system chances for success are slim.

One day closer to death, or one more extraordinary day to live.

Therein lies the chasm between those who will, and those who won't.

All this may seem daunting to some, but believe me, the rewards to yourself and family are more than worth the efforts, especially our kids, who now have a greater chance to live better lives.

Live long and strong.






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