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Written by Karel Nunnink   

With Halloween upon us and sugar laden sweets being passed out by the handfuls, it’s easy for a parent to give in to the instant gratification that goes along with the sugar surge. It is, after all, a way to express your love for your children. However, vast amounts of sugar can lead to dire consequences and potentially serious future health issues, which could turn any parent as white as a ghost.
The only ones that benefit from consuming processed preserved inflammatory sugar and fat-laden foods are the food and pharmaceutical giants.
Which do you choose to support? It’s a no brainer! Isn’t your child more important than these corporate giants?

So bag up those treats in small portions and ration them out after vigorous sports activities. That way the sugar is used up by muscles rather than circulating in the blood, which could turn to fat or lead to diabetes.
When it comes to treats -- have a healthy and not-so-spooky Halloween.


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