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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Free radicals and antioxidants

The biggest underlying cause of most diseases is INFLAMMATION.
Now what drives inflammation levels to skyrocket? I'll tell you it's free radical firestorms in the body caused by toxic chemicals in our food air and water. Free radicals are molecules or atoms with unpaired electrons, these molecules then try to capture or steal away an electron from stable molecules causing them to become free radicals themselves, and therefore damage cells. Antioxidants on the other hand transfer or donate an electron to prevent oxidation (which can produce more free radicals), and therefore prevent damage to cellular structures. What an incredible system!!!!

Now shift this whole process of erratic and damaging behavior fluxing, with unselfish giving and healing to our outside environment and the parallels become frighteningly real. WOW!!! What happens on the inside also happens on the outside. Our country is exploding with inflammation. People are stressed feel powerless; we are being poisoned with an array of chemicals. We are addicted to various food chemicals preservatives flavor enhancers and inflammatory fats. Look around I sometimes feel like the world is going crazy, just spend some time on the highway; some people will risk their very lives and that of others, to get one car length ahead. Erratic aberrant behavior rules, if you're normal you're boring.

So I ask you.

Do you want to be a free radical, or antioxidant?  When you elevate those around you, you elevate yourself and move from a position of being self-centered to one that is centered in the self. Live long and strong.



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