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Written by Karel Nunnink   

How do you eat more while losing more weight at the same time?


Altough this may sound like some sales pitch to get you to purchase some super diet pill, there is a way.

Eat negative-calorie foods, meaning these foods actually take more energy to digest than they deliver to your body and at the same time are an important source of phytonutrients.

They are not sources of fat-packing calories.

Because their surprising lack of calories, these foods can be consumed in almost unlimited quantities without you gaining weight.

This is also why the simple act of drinking a large cold glass of water prior to each meal is a proven weight loss strategy, it fills your stomach with water reducing the space left for other foods.

This triggers the stop eating signal to your brain.

Eating an apple (organic, for more info on what foods to purchase organic download my chart on pesticides) before  each meal also works well in filling you up because of the large water content in apples.

Negative calorie foods all contain a lot of water locked in a fibrous matrix and can either be certain fruits or vegatables.

Keep in mind that all foods contain calories its just that these foods, because of extra work your body has to go through to prepare digest and eliminate these foods, it esentially burns more calories than the foods contain.

The important fact here is water content, it makes you feel full faster and is one of the best and safest ways toward balancing weight issues.

let me give you a list of  several negative calorie foods that are my favorites.

1. Celery (organic), I sometimes like to dip it in Hummous.

One cup of celery contains only 19 calories, so as you can see you can safely consume quite a bit, easy on the hummous though.

Celery also contain powerfull anti-inflamitory nutrients like apegenin which reduces the risk of overian cancers.

2. Lettuce , onions and greens.

lettuce is just structured water locked in a vegetable fiber matrix.

One cup of lettuce contains just 8 calories, meaning go ahead and munch away.

Onions are a little more nutrient dense with 64 calories per cup, yet deliver an amazing assortment of anti-cancer nutrients and antioxidants.

3. Kelp noodles, found in most healthfood or even supermarkets.

Most noodles are loaded with calorie rich starches derived from grains like wheat.

Kelp noodles however are made out of sea kelp, and are packed with water they perform well in soups, raw noodle dishes and even traditional Italian style dishes like spaghetti.

Kelp noodles only contain 6 calories per serving, but take up a lot of physical space in your stomach.

4. Last but definitely not least Grapefruit....  it is still fairly low in calories at 74 calories per cup.

However the benifits of grapefruit is in how it signals the liver into accelerated fat breakdown through the antioxident naringenin derived from the white inner pulpy part of the grapefruit.

I also believe that we as Americans are overloaded with sugar and our sensitivity to it decreases so do our taste buds which now need greater ammounts to taste the same level of sweetnes accustomed to.

Well upon eating something bitter, the opposite of sugar, we return to a somewhat more balanced state and when consuming something sweet again, realize that the same sweet food or beverage is suddenly almost nausiatingly sweet.

Grapefruit juice is not as helpfull you need to eat the whole fruit including pulp, you can however add it to your smoothy and blenderize it.

Also be aware certain medications may prevent you from eating it because of contraindications.

Well there you have it, eat well and stay fit.

Live long and strong.




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