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Written by Karel Nunnink   



Virtually all processed foods contain these additives.

One in particular called MSG (monosodium glutamate)raises your risk of contracting a host of different ailments, including strokes, brain tumors,Parkinson's, depression, MS,

And obesity.

Careful studies have shown that when you combine foods containing MSG with aspartame,( common sweetener found in sodas) your blood glutamate levels will rise 20 fold if you then add a diet soda it increases to 40fold, or 4000%. This now has a real effect on brain toxicity.

Remember we are 20 times more sensitive then monkeys to MSG.

The parts of the brain most effected are the hypothalamus and specifically the part of the hypothalamus that has to do with hunger control.

It is also important to know that federal law states that any food containing less then 99% of pure MSG

Can be labeled by any name the manufacturer wishes.

So be aware and read labels avoid such innocent sounding names like hydrolyzed protein, natural flavoring,

Spices, enzymes, autolyzed yeast extract, stock broth, and carrageenan.




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