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Written by Karel Nunnink   

I'm sure you've heard the expression " I love them to death" referring to your kids.

But as innocent as that sounds.

You maybe literally hasting their demise, and here's why.


Fructose is a sugar used in processed foods and soft drinks, and is frequently cited as a culprit in the obesity epidemic. A study at the United Kingdom's University of Bristol found that when a child's fat cells mature, if fructose is present, more of the cells mature into fat cells in belly fat. In addition, the cells are less able to respond to insulin in both belly fat and in subcutaneous fat located below the skin.

“Our results suggest that high levels of fructose, which may result from eating a diet high in fructose, throughout childhood may lead to an increase in visceral [abdominal] obesity, which is associated with increased cardiometabolic risk,” lead author Georgina Coade said in a statement in June.

So if you really love your kids,

stop enabling them to eat or drink more sugar.

It's not easy but well worth the effort.

And maybe some of your bad habits will go away as well.

Live long and strong.



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