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Written by Karel Nunnink   


Force activated speed specific training.


The concept of power and explosive movement requires specific training and periodization methods.

Strength is highly specific to training methods or activities. If you're looking for more explosive power in the golf swing or tennis serve or just the ability to maintain fast twitch agility considered these important facts 1. The first type of muscles to be lost after age 40 are the fast twitch type fibers. These losses not only will affect athletic endeavors but also one's ability to recover from imbalance, more injuries occur to the aging populace from falls and the inability to recover than anything else.

2. The proper use of biomechanics now becomes vitally important to prevent accelerated joint degeneration. the recruitment of fast twitch fibers only occurs at approximately 70 to 80% of maximum in other words heavy loading requirements are needed. 3. Explosive movements are required to allow the body to manufacture fast ATP-ase fast cross-bridging will occur and thus muscular contraction is accelerated. There are many types of speed specific training methods depending on the individual goals it takes four times the force to slow an object by one half the speed it's not starting a movement that causes most injuries rather it's trying to slow it down or stop it.

Think of that golf club weighing approximately 4 ounces,the formula for rotational inertia is M xR2. That means now that same club-head during the swing is putting more than 1500 pounds of torque on the spinal rotators of the back, no wonder golfers have more back problems than most other athletes.



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