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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Your body adapts to what you do most.

So if you sit in a chair all day you'll eventually become better adapted to sitting in a chair. The trouble is that makes you less adept at standing, walking running and jumping all of which a truly healthy human should be able to do with proficiency.
Do you sit all day at a desk?
Well you're courting muscle stiffness poor balance and mobility and lower back neck and hip pain. But to understand why, you need a quick primer on fascia, a tough connective tissue that covers all your muscles. While fascia is pliable it tends to set in the position your muscles are in most often. So if you sit most of the time you're fascia adapts to that specific position. Now think about where your hips and thighs are in relation to your torso while you're sitting, well they are bent which causes the muscles on the front of your thighs known as hip flexors to contract slightly or shorten and the more you sit the more your fascia will keep your hip flexors shortened. If you've ever seen a guy with a forward lean it's often because the of shortened hip flexors. The muscles don't stretch as they naturally should as a result, you're not walking tall and straight because fascia has adapted to more sitting then standing. So how do we solve these problems?
Well just get up out of your sitting position once every 45 min. stand up move around and touch your toes twist from side to side do a few squats and all your fascia will reset itself in the lengthened position.
Move to live.



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