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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Take a deep breath.

I know you've heard this before but it really does matter if you're stressed, as most people are these days. It makes a huge difference because deep breathing activates the Vegas nerve. It's the biggest nerve in the body and extends from brain  down through the chest cavity, it directly communicates with the lungs, heart, liver, blood vessels in the lungs the stomach and small intestines,including the pancreas.
One of the big things it does is get the para sympathetic nervous system to Kick in, it can head anxiety attacks off at the pass. It can cancel panic before it gets hold of you. It tames the tigers of agitation and edginess,  and soothes jangles nerves. it gets our proverbial runaway system to actually stop accelerating like shifting into neutral, and it gives our body The ability to  decelerate.  It balances out the whacked  adrenaline crazed sympathetic nervous system and gets us to just chill out.
Try this simple routine next time you feel the weight of the world collapsing in on you.
Breathe in through your nose slowly and count to Five.
Try to draw the air in to below your belly button expanding the air into your lower diaphragm.
Then hold for a count of five.
Now slowly exhale through your mouth
For a count of seven.
Do this two or three times a day and notice your heart rate drop and blood pressure plummet.
Live with vigor.


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