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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Overcome fat genes

Scientist have known that a single gene called FTO ( fat and obesity) predisposes people to obesity.
The more gene variants you carry the more likely you are to be obese.
Each genetic variant carried a 16% increased risk of obesity, but for people who were physically active, depending on intensity and duration the risk was only 8-10% variance.
That is a whopping 40-50% decrease!!!
That's big, we can do a lot to change genetic predisposition.
It's not destiny, you can change and we have not even considered food and other lifestyle changes.
Remember over 70% of how you decline is in your control.
So exercise your control.
Live long and strong.

39% of white Americans have the low fat genotype, 45% have the type that responds best to a diet low in processed carbohydrates, and 16% have gene mutations where they have to watch both fat and carbohydrates.


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