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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Ski racing.
I figured out at an early age that there was always going to be someone bigger or sronger than myself. 
But, if I could multiply my own muscular force by tenfold or more, that would be something else.
Instead becomming a transducer and blending and redirecting a force that rules the universe GRAVITY, now muscular energy is redirected only to maintain balance and center of core.
Having to gather explosive strength with instant neurological responses at 60+ miles per hour pulling 2-3 gs kinestetic perception, forward balance, and the ability to bend and efficiently redirect gravity, centripetal force and speed with muscular energy to maintain a neutral position on the skis.
Tension is the enemy, utilizing the breath energy to shed tension while adapting instantly to the stream of change, yet able to utilize muscular power only to maintain proper weight distribution on 1/8 inch of steel.
There is no future or past a state of mindfulness is reached where here now is all!!! A mental clarity and state of relaxed alertness must be reached, it's not how hard you work it's how hard you relax when you work. I Love It, what a rush!!! 90 seconds of pure ego-less expression.
I feel younger already.




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