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Written by Karel Nunnink   

Acrylamide and Cancer

One more factor in the bombardment  of toxic chemicals we are exposed to in today's industrialized environment,  are called Acrylamide.
As cancer rates are expected to grow 20-30% in the next 10 years, because of many third world nations adopting the industrialized standards, it's is important to identify and therefore avoid or neutralize as many of these substances as possible.
Acrylamide a potentially neurotoxicity chemical, is created when mostly carbohydrate-rich foods are heated to high temperatures, usually over 250 F.
This includes frying, toasting , roasting, grilling, or even baking.
The worst offenders are potato chips, corn chips( which could also be genetically modified), or any other chips that are fried.
One fact that stands out is baked chips, which most people deem to be a healthier option can in fact be 10 times worse!
Other offenders include French Fries, crisp breads, cookies and crackers.
Also avoid buffets where the foods have been sitting there heated for prolonged periods of time.
I have successfully avoided fried foods, because they also are carcinogenic as the fat is reheated multiple times, creating rancid oxidized highly inflammatory substances.
Now add the acrylamide to it and you get the picture.
To negate the effects cook foods at lower temps, steaming or boiling will also work, or if you have to indulge try drinking green tea right after or take the Amino acid L-Cysteine.
It is the precursor to Glutathione one of the major antioxidants and detoxifier of the body.
Just remember it takes 10-12 years or longer for cancer cells to metastasize, so if your in your 20s and think well I don't have to worry, think again.
The choices made today will most certainly effect us 10-20 years down the road, and believe me every thing you're doing now you will want to do then!!
Nothing worthwhile comes easy, plan ahead and you're chances of being cancer free are greatly improved.
Live long and strong.
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